A Note From the SWSBA

Hi Everyone! We (the SWSBA) sent a letter with the below content via our SWSBA distribution list tonight. If you didn’t received it, it may be because our distribution list has also fallen victim to the madness that is 2020! We’re working hard to rebuild it. You can help us by emailing us at music@swsbandassociation.com… Continue reading A Note From the SWSBA

Instrument Requests

The instrument request packets went out in the mail a couple of weeks ago for incoming grade 6 and 7 band students. I understand that the mail has been slow but you should hopefully receive your packet this coming week if you haven’t already. If you have any questions or don’t receive it by the… Continue reading Instrument Requests

Learning at home

I hope that you are all staying healthy and busy at this time. There is so much that is new to all of us and we’re figuring out our next steps as educators. We are working hard on figuring out how to support your learning at home and are hoping to have some things ready… Continue reading Learning at home