We Can’t All Be Mozart

It turns out the most difficult part of creating a blog is determining a sufficiently catchy tagline, something that would capture the progression of young musicians at SWS, from beginner to senior.  While the squeaks and squawks that accompany a new musician’s practise session comes with the territory, they’ll slowly subside until one day you realize there’s actually a recognizable tune in there.

Failing to find the words to capture this journey, I turned to my own musicians (a flautist, a tubaist, and pianist) for assistance.  They did not disappoint.  Their suggestions included:

From Trouble To Treble

You’ll “Note” The Difference!

From Malodorous To Melodious

We Made You Sick, Now We Make Music

An executive decision was made, and From Cacophony to Harmony was hastily chosen before things got even more out of hand.