Donation of Band Shirts, Dress Pants/Skirts, and Shoes

In order to help reduce the cost of the band program for new families, we have started collecting the official SWS Music program shirts from students that are no longer in the program, or have outgrown their shirts.  It’s also handy to have a selection of shirts on hand for existing program students, as back up on concert and festival days, in case they have forgotten to bring their own.  We have collected a small number of shirts to date, but are always happy to add to the collection!

Donated shirts are sold for $10, which covers the cost of cleaning and storage.  For Grade 6 and Grade 7 Beginner band students only, the cost of the shirt is covered by the $50 band activity fee.  If you decide to purchase a used shirt for your Grade 6 or Grade 7 Beginner student, you will receive a $15 cash refund on your activity fee.

The $50 band activity fee does NOT cover the cost of a new shirt for band students in any other grade.  Therefore, if your student is in grade 7 Intermediate band, or grade 8 or 9 Senior band, and requires a shirt, the cost is in addition to the $50 activity fee.

We have also started to collect black dress pants, skirts, and shoes, for anyone that may find them useful.

Please contact uniform coordinators Jackie Prokop or Elaine Gidluck at, or for questions or concerns.