Band Activity Fees and CBE Instrument Rental Fees Update

All fees relating to the band program were due November 15th.  If you have not yet paid your $50 band fee, and/or the $100 CBE instrument rental fee, please do so immediately.

The band fee covers the cost of many of the miscellaneous activities that students participate in, including the October and January clinicians (including lunch), February and March festivals (entrance fee and transportation), February guest conductor experience (including lunch), and transportation to the March massed band concert with Centennial High School and MidSun School.  As such, students with overdue accounts will unfortunately be unable to participate in these activities.

All unpaid instrument rental accounts will be sent to collections at the end of January.

Payment reminders were sent home with students at the end of October and the end of December.  Please check with your student to ensure they have given you these reminders.

To apply for a waiver of your CBE instrument rental, please visit  If you do not qualify for a waiver, please contact Ms. Bolen to arrange a suitable payment plan.

If you are not sure if your account is up to date, please log into your CBE account at to check your status, or e-mail Ms. Bolen at