Early Morning Band Update (January 8th, 2016)

Early morning band officially starts this week for all Grade 7 band students (Wednesday, January 11th), and resumes for students in Grade 8 and 9 (Thursday, January 12th).  

Reminder: Early morning band is mandatory.  Arrival time is 8 am, and attendance forms part of the student’s mark.

If a student is ill or has a legitimate reason for missing practice, please email Ms. Bolen at jcbolen@cbe.ab.ca, and she will assign the student a four page essay on The Importance Of Dynamics In Music And How It Contributes To Mood.  Just kidding; she’ll give the student an excused absence.

Early morning band is not without perks: this year, we have introduced Breakfast and Band, where we will provide a healthy snack to all attendees at the commencement of practice.  How can you help with this?  So glad you asked!  Please contact Elaine Gidluck at elaine@gidluck.ca, or Jackie Prokop at jackie.prokop@shaw.ca and they will provide you with details on how you can support our young musicians.