Grade 8/9 Band at AIBF on February 24th

As per the e-mail from Ms. Bolen on February 13th, the grade 8/9 band will perform at the Alberta International Band festival on February 24th.

We are asking that all paperwork be returned by Feb. 15, 2017, so that we can ensure we have the correct amount of buses.  The permission and volunteer forms can be found on this site, under the Forms tab.  It is assumed that your child will return on a bus from SWS unless clearly indicated and returned by Feb. 15, 2017.

Please note: as students are typically dismissed at 12:45 pm on Fridays, all band students attending this festival are asked to bring a packed lunch for that day and stay after school, including those students that typically walk home.  Students will eat their lunch in the band room, and participate in supervised activities until the 2 pm departure time.

Students may choose to come to school that morning in their band uniform, or bring it with them and change prior to departure.

The band uniform is required attire, and consists of: black pants or skirt, black socks or tights, black shoes, and the SWS Music Program shirt.