Grade 8/9 Band Students in Joint Concert with Centennial High School, MidSun, GCA

Grade 8/9 band and choir students will be joining music students from Centennial High School, MidSun school, and Glenmore Christian Academy for a joint concert on March 13th, at First Alliance Church.  Trip forms have been handed out to students today, and we are requesting the completed forms be returned as soon as possible.

SWS students will be bused from the school at 4 pm on the 13th directly to First Alliance Church, where they will rehearse, have dinner, and get ready for the performance at 7 pm.  Pizza will be provided.  The cost of the trip is included in the $50 band activity fee.

All are welcomed to attend this great event-the massed band performance at the end of the night is truly marvellous!

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO transportation provided back from First Alliance to Samuel W Shaw school.  Parents and guardians are responsible for picking up their student at the church at the end of the concert, which is expected to end between 9:30 and 10 pm.