“Are You Guys Ever Gonna Collect Band Fees, Or What?”

The answer to this is, “We sure hope so!”  We have not yet received the go-ahead to start collecting fees, and as you can imagine, this makes it fairly difficult to pay for buses and clinicians, and pay for deposits for camps-we do not have a cash reserve.  Whether the hold up is with the government or the CBE, we are not sure; we’ve have conflicting reports from our MLA and our CBE trustee.

At this point, all future events for the band, including the planned October Camp Chestermere trip, are on hold-we have no money to pay the costs associated with booking these trips, and won’t be able to collect any until we receive the official word from the CBE.  The beginner band trip to MRU was considered important and necessary for the students by the school administration, and we proceeded with the trip on a leap of faith.

We truly appreciate all of the parents and guardians that came prepared to pay their fees at the early registration, as well as the parents that have sent in fees since school started. We were very sad to turn them down!  Please hold onto them for us 🙂

For any parents that sent in fees with their student this week, we will send them home with your student next week.