Individual Fundraising Clarification

A quick update on the grocery card fundraiser we are starting this year: proceeds from the cards that you purchase can be used for any band expense related purpose.  Your student is the direct and only beneficiary of the proceeds of this initiative.

We anticipate that most parents and guardians will use the fundraising to help pay for the cost of band camps, but the account can also be used to offset the cost of instrument rentals and band activity fees.  All families are more than welcome to use the fundraiser as a way to reimburse the upfront costs of the band program.  

The balance of your child’s fundraising account will either be paid to you at the end of the year, or rolled over for the following year, 

ALSO: we are now accepting e-transfer for payment of your order.  Please contact Elaine Gidluck at for details on how to purchase with this method, or for questions on the grocery card program.  

The first order of grocery cards will be going in shortly, and will be ready for early October pick-up.