Low Brass Players, This One’s For You!

Tubafest is an annual event in Calgary, running now for 10 years, and will be held this year on Saturday, December 16th.  Any tuba, baritone, or euphonium player of any experience level and age is welcomed to attend this light-hearted, informal event.  The video below is a snippet from last year.

Participants gather at a specified location (last year it was held at Hope Lutheran Church in the NW) at 10 am, spend the morning practising Christmas carols, then put on a concert for all friends and family at 2 pm.  This year, they are looking to break the world record for number of participants, so mark your calendars and bring tinsel and lights to decorate your instrument.

If you’ve never heard 100+ low brass instruments playing together in one location, it is quite an experience: the vibrations will come through the floor and into your chest, and you’ll never be the same-in a good way 🙂

Students that are interested in being part of this years Tubafest are welcome to speak to Gabe G. in grade 9 band about the experience.  

Tubafest’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/HolidayTubaFestYYC/

Music for the event can be downloaded in advance at https://www.musicmakesus.ca/celebrate/tubafest/