What The Heck Did We Do This Week, Anyway?

Well, because you asked, we…

…inventoried approximately 200 instruments, recorded their serial numbers, and checked their general playing condition

…ensured we had sufficient number of band instruments organized and/or on-hand for 160 beginner band students

…arranged for pick-up of additional instruments from Centennial High School and Calgary Science school

…labeled all beginner band instruments with student name on the front and sides

…ensured all 160 students had the required CBE documentation on file in order to go to MRU

…ensured we had the required number of parent volunteers lined up to help at MRU

…accompanied four buses full of students to MRU, sat with them during their 2 hour session, kept them in line (behaviourally speaking) and came back with them on their buses to SWS, even though we were desperate for some quiet time and coffee by then

…sorted, alphabetized, and filed approximately 900 pieces of paper

…and much more!