An Exclusive Invitation, Just For You

We were going to wait until your birthday to surprise you with this, but we’re too excited: there’s an SWS Band Parent meeting on October 3rd at 6 pm in the Learning Commons, and you are formally invited to attend!  As a parent/guardian of an SWS band student, you are automatically enrolled in this exclusive club.

We’ll be discussing the current state of band finances (grim), anticipated expenses (many), planning for upcoming events (HELP!), and more (favourite recipes, Netflix recommendations, how turning left at uncontrolled intersections gives us stress-induced tummy aches, etc).

If you have a student in grade 7, 8 or 9, you have already planned to come to the MANDATORY Camp Chestermere meeting that starts at 6:30, so why not show up a bit earlier and join the fun?