What The Heck Did We Do This Week, Anyway? Vol. 2

Since we last talked we…

…assigned an instrument cubby or locker for approximately 300 band instruments and their owners

…labelled each cubby with the student name

…gave approximately 60 students the combination to their instrument lockers

…then gave it to them again after they forgot it

…then gave it to them again after they confused it with the combination for their gym locker

…then suggested they maybe store the combination in their phones, which seems to have solved the problem

…moved, arranged, rearranged, and then moved again 3 tubas and 12 baritone horns, and now our biceps are pretty angry at us

…sorted, alphabetized, and filed even MORE paper.  Our hands are so dry!  And we have so many paper cuts 🙁

…handed out approximately 75 music books to band students (100 books were already handed out at early registration) **Friendly reminder: music books are just like a library book-they are borrowed from the band library for the year, and if not returned at the end of the year, the student will be charged for replacement (insert sad trombone sound here)**