SWS Student Reaffirms Our Faith In Humanity

Meet Ben N., grade 7 SWS band student and local hero.  Ben, as seen in the slightly blurry photo below (sorry), was our very first band student to return his Camp Chestermere forms to the band room, a mere 24 hours after Ms. Bolen sent out the forms to all parents and guardians via e-mail.  For this noble act, he has received the coveted prize of a bag of M & M’s that we purchased on impulse while standing in line at Best Buy.

“A lot of credit goes to my parents” is something Ben would probably say, if we had thought to ask him about it.  “They read their e-mails and understand how important it is that band forms are returned in a timely matter, so that Ms. Bolen can properly plan and accurately price field trips.”  As their reward, Ben’s parents will receive a shout-out in this post and a leaf rake with only three missing tines.

When Ben’s not rescuing kittens from trees and helping little old ladies cross the street, he’s wearing his helmet when he bikes and never jay walks.

As for future plans, he intends to become the kind of driver that gives a friendly wave when someone lets him merge into another lane, and to always return his grocery carts to the corral, instead of leaving them in the parking lot.

Thank you Ben!