Grade 8/9 Camp Chestermere Photos

Except for the Halloween glitter that somehow migrates through your entire house, sticks to your hair AND the dog and defies vacuuming, you’d hardly know that we even HAD an October this year, it went so fast.

So thank goodness for Jared G. and his photography talents.  Jared has graciously shared his photos from the October 12th and 13th Chestermere band camp, and they are fabulous.  He doesn’t know this, but we’ve anointed him our official band photographer, so congrats to him (we’re not sure if Jared also does birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc, but he SHOULD.  10/10, highly recommend).

Unfortunately, we are in short supply of photos from the grade 7 camp, so if you were a volunteer and have some that you are willing to share, please send to