Upcoming Events For Grade 9 Band Students

Quick reminder that grade 9 band students are a popular bunch these days, and they’ll need to make room in their crowed social calendars for the Chapters fundraiser on the evening of November 22nd, and Spruce Meadows on the afternoon of December 1st.

Please note: NO transportation is provided for Chaptersstudents will need to arrange rides to and from the event (at the Chapters store in Shawnessy).  We have transportation to Spruce Meadows, but students will need to arrange rides home.

We are in the process of arranging car pooling for both of these events-please contact Ms. Bolen at jcbolen@cbe.ab.ca if you a) plan to be at one or both of these events, and are able to take a few extra students home, or b) require a ride for your student to and/or from either event.