Grade 6 and PLP to Attend Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Performance

On February 6th, all grade 6 students and PLP students will attend a morning performance at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, as part of the CPO’s series, “Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra.”

Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is an orchestral classic! Listen as you are taken on a tour of the instruments with narration and a vibrant theme and variations. Paired with music by Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, this concert teaches students the essentials of classical music in a fun and engaging way.”

Buses will leave shortly after 9 am on the 6th, and students should be back at school by noon.

For grade 6 students that are in band, the cost of this trip is covered by the Band Activity Fee.  For general music and PLP students, the cost of the trip is $17 (cover the admission and busing), and can be paid on-line through My CBE Account.  

Following is a fun, interactive primer for students to teach them about the Orchestra and the history behind it.  Click “Local Game” on the main page-there is no cost and no need to log in.