Grade 6 Recruitment Night On May 24th

Students that plan to be in grade 6 band, or are thinking about being in band, are encouraged to attend our Recruitment Night, which will take place after the grade 5 Celebration Of Learning ceremonies on May 24th.  

Certain instruments are very popular with students (such as trumpets, saxophones) based on their perceived “cool” factor and ability to make loud honking noises.  Other instruments are very popular with parents (such as flutes and clarinets) based on their ability to be portable and relatively quiet during home practice sessions.

However, a band cannot be made up of only a select few sections, and depending on the number of students requesting a particular instrument, Ms. Bolen may have to move a student to their second or third choice.  Recruitment night is a student’s best opportunity to not only pick their instrument, but also get their first choice.    

Come to the Learning Commons where students can check out the various instruments and learn more about the program.  If we have any CBE instruments available to rent, we will take reservations for the rentals on a first come, first served basis.  Post-dated cheques in the amount of $100 for the 2018/2019 school year MUST be provided in order to confirm your reservation.  Reminder: for grade 6 and 7, preference for percussionists are given to those who already have some experience and/or take percussion lessons.  Percussions also need to pay the instrument rental fee.

If you are not able or not interested in renting an instrument from the CBE, Long and McQuade representatives will be available to answer questions and discuss private rental options.