May And June Band Concerts and Performances For All Grades

Lots going on as we hurtle towards the end of the school year.

May 24th-Grade 5 Celebration of Learning at SWS at 6:30 pm in the school gym (for 2nd term grade 5 band students only).  Grade 5’s should wear black bottoms and white shirt (no large logos please), or can wear a favourite dressy outfit, if they so choose.

May 31st-Spring Concert at SWS.  We plan to hold the concert outdoors again, in the green space behind the school.  Food trucks will be available for dinner options starting at 4:30 pm, items for a Silent Auction are being obtained, and all are welcomed!  Concert is to begin at 7 pm, and should be finished shortly after 8 pm.

This concert is for grade 6, 7, and 8/9 band students, however we are extending an invitation to former students, SWS staff, and parents to join the grade 8/9 band for the last pieces of the concert.  If this sounds like fun (and it does sound like fun!), please contact Ms. Bolen at

For this concert, grade 6 band students need to wear black bottoms and white shirt (no large logos please), and grade 7, 8. and 9 band students are required to wear black bottoms and their black SWS Music shirt.

June 5th-Grade 9 Farewell Ceremony.  Grade 8 and 9 band students are required to play at this ceremony, which will start at 4:45 and end at 5:30 pm.  Grade 8 students will wear their band uniform (black bottoms and black SWS Music shirt), grade 9 students can wear their Farewell ceremony outfits.

June 11th-Grade 9 band students to play at the Open Minds symposium.  Honestly, all we know about this is that the band students have been asked to play, but we have not been given any further information.  So we’ll just say that details will be provided as they become available.

And after all of that is done, we have…

…June 18th and 19th-Instrument Return Days.  Students can return their CBE instruments in class, so that the instruments can be cleaned, repaired and otherwise prepared for next year.  Privately rented instruments can be returned whence they came.