Grade 8/9 Early Morning Band Begins October 17th

You may now begin mentally and physically preparing your grade 8/9 band student for the start of their weekly early morning band practices.  Some suggestions:

Doing laundry: “Repeatedly bending down to put clothes in the washing machine and dryer will help you build your core, which will improve your posture, and excellent posture is key to good sound production.”

Unpacking the dishwasher: “Many musicians have found the best way to build the upper body strength they need to carry and hold their instrument properly is by reaching up to put dishes away in the cupboards.”

Taking out the trash: “Yes, it smells bad but holding your breath while you carry it to the bin will help you build stamina and improve your musical phrasing.”

You can probably think of more, and we encourage you to do so!  Go wild.  Just remember to set the alarm even earlier than usual on Tuesday nights: students should arrive at the school at 8 am on Wednesdays to begin playing by 8:10.  Attendance is mandatory and forms part of their mark.  

The schedule for the entire year is found here: