Band In The Time Of Covid

Hi everyone, I hope that you have had a great summer! I have really missed all of the students and am looking forward to seeing them again. This year school is definitely going to look different. I wish that I had all of the answers right now, but I can update you on what I do know. Unfortunately due to Alberta Health and CBE regulations, we are not allowed to play wind instruments in schools at the moment. Since this includes all brass and woodwind instruments, this means is that there will be no band at SWS this year. All of the students will have a general music class instead. Plans are in the works to offer some band enrichment to interested students though! We are going to try hard to keep the program alive as much as possible. Things are changing by the day as more guidelines come down from the province and the school board, so stay tuned for more information. As soon as I have the set-in-stone plan I will email it out to all of the students who signed up for band this year. Thank you so much for supporting our band program! I look forward to sharing the joy of music with the students in whatever form it takes. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!