Virtual Band

Hello band families! As you know, we are unable to run band as an option at the school at this time. While this makes me sad, I’m excited to offer the students in grades 7-9 a virtual band option this year instead. Virtual band will be done through Google Classroom. I will post videos to help your child play better, tips for improved sound, and music to practice at home. Students are also encouraged to sign up for Smartmusic, which has thousands of pieces of band music as well as method books to walk students through learning how to play their instrument. I’m excited for Christmas, when the band parent council has generously agreed to provide a sound engineer for us so that we can make an awesome virtual performance video of the students playing the music that I will give them to learn for it.

Hopefully your child got a form last week with information about virtual band. If not, sign up in the virtual band form below! If you have questions please email Mrs. Smith at

Be Part Of The Virtual Band!

Join the virtual band! The virtual band will be a Google Classroom that will provide students with information and music so that they can keep up their skills playing their instrument at home. It's going to be fun and rewarding!
    Smartmusic will be where the majority of the music that the students are provided with will be. Information on how to pay will come out later when all students have been enrolled. It is in US dollars, so the approximate cost will be around $13 in Canadian dollars.
    If you consent to having your email shared with the band parent council for communication and opportunities, you will be contacted directly by a designated SWSBA parent volunteer with updates on upcoming activities, notices of SWSBA meetings, requests for assistance, fundraising information, etc. Your contact information will be kept strictly confidential and emails will pertain only to the music program. You can remove your email address from the list anytime by emailing