Fundraising Information and Grocery Card Order Forms

Grocery Card Info for SWS (Updated 09:2018)

 Order your grocery gift cards today and
start earning for your student’s band expenses

****E-transfers are also accepted, please contact for details*****

  • Complete the attached order form (at the bottom of this page)
  • Make cheques payable to Samuel W Shaw School Band Association
  • Include post-dated cheques for each store for each month.  Date cheques for the 27th of each month.  For example, if you are placing an order for December, your cheque should be dated November 27th.
  • Bring in your order form and post-dated cheques to the August registration or, if adding to an order throughout the year, return the form and payment to the band office by the 15th of each month.
  • You can order for the full year .  Cheques will not be deposited until the 27th of each month.
  • Questions? Please contact



·      Do the gift cards expire?

No, none of the cards expire. You use them just like cash and the balance declines as you use them.

·      Why are you not running Superstore cards through the group purchase program?

As this is a new initiative for us, we are focusing on the grocers that provide the largest possible rebate.  Superstore’s rebates are considerably lower than Sobey’s or Co-op’s, but we may add Superstore at a later date, if the demand is there.

·      Will I be able to add to my order throughout the year?

Yes, you can use the same order form to add orders throughout the year—for instance, perhaps you find that you could use a few more cards in December to give as gifts or to buy holiday groceries. Your order will have to be received in the band room by the 15th of the month to be included in the next month’s order. We will check each month for extra orders.  Orders later than the 15th will not be processed until the following month.

·      What dates should I put on my cheques?

Date each cheque for the 27th of each month.  Our first order will be in September of 2018, so if you are ordering your first set of gift cards for October, your first post dated cheque should be September 27th, 2018.

·      When will my cheques be deposited?

The orders will be ready for you at school as close to the end of each month as school opening days allow. Your cheque will be deposited on the 27th, and cards will be available as close to the 1st of the following month as possible .  There will be a delay between the time your cheque is deposited and the time you have cards to use, but it should be minimal.

  •      Will my cards be here for 15% Tuesday at Sobey’s/Safeway each month?

We cannot guarantee it, but we will do our best to have cards to the school as soon after the first of the month as school opening days allow.

  • What happens to unused funds in my student’s travel account?

If you have raised more than you need, or the funds are otherwise not required, you can designate the funds to another SWS band student, have the account paid out in cash at the end of the school year (as reimbursement for fees already paid), or donate the funds to the general SWS Band Fund.

SWSBA Grocery Card Order Form 2018-2019