Grade 7 Band

Welcome to Grade 7 Band at SWS! Band is a rewarding and fun way to explore music and develop new skills and talents.  It is also the best kind of hard work, where students can see and hear their progress while they create music by themselves and with the whole band. 

Your child should have brought home a packet of information on instrument rental. If you did not get one, please let Mrs. Smith know and she will send you the information that you need. Most instruments are able to be rented from the school, but can also be rented from music stores like Long & McQuade and St. John’s.

Bell covers are required for instruments this year. They are covers made of tightly woven black fabric that fits around the bell of the instrument. The exception to this are the flutes, who wear face shields instead. Bell covers can be ordered through the school. You can also make your own as long as it fits the bell cover guidelines.

Grade 7 band has some exciting opportunities for students. In a typical year, we play in the winter and spring concerts, go to festival, attend band camp, and work with clinicians. We are still waiting to hear what performance opportunities will be available this year, but will try to provide the students with as many enriching experiences as possible.

For all performances, students are expected to wear the official SWS Band Program shirt, black pants/skirt, black socks/nylons, and black shoes. Shirts are available through the school, and if performances are allowed this year more information will go home on this.

There may be fundraising opportunities to offset the costs of trips or program fees. For more information on fundraising, please go to the fundraising tab on the main page of the blog or click here.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Smith at