Grade 7 Band

Welcome to Grade 7 Band at SWS! Some of you are returning students who played an instrument in grade 6, and some of you are new to band. Band is a rewarding and fun way to explore music and develop new skills and talents.  It is also the best kind of hard work, where students can see and hear their progress while they create music by themselves and with the whole band. 

Hopefully you have either rented or purchased an instrument for the year. If you have not, please go to the “Grade 7, 8 And 9 Instrument Reservation” tab and read about how you can go about getting an instrument or click here.

Grade 7 band has some exciting opportunities for students. We play in the winter and spring concerts, go to festival, attend band camp, work with clinicians, and tour the feeder schools. For all performances, students are expected to wear the official SWS Band Program shirt. To cover the costs for the clinicians, bussing, and shirt, the band activity fee is $70. Band camp fees will be determined in the fall.

There will be fundraising opportunities to offset the costs of trips or program fees. For more information on fundraising, please go to the fundraising tab on the main page of the blog or click here.

Throughout the year, students will have the occasional early morning band practice, which is part of the expectation of being in grade 7 band and is not optional.  The students are split into two classes, woodwind and brass/percussion, so these morning practices are their only opportunity to practice together as a whole band. Attendance at early morning band and at concerts and festivals form part of their mark.  Parents and students will always be told when practices are.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Smith at