Grade 8 Band

Most, if not all, students in grade 8 band have been part of the ensemble for at least one full year, and should be fully aware of the expectations of the program.  Students in grade 8 that do not have an official SWS Band Program shirt will need to purchase a new one at a cost of $30.

There is a Band Activity Fee of $55 for Grade 8 band, which covers festival admission fees, bussing for field trips, necessary supplies for class, and clinicians. We will also (hopefully!) be going on a trip in the spring, and information for that will be sent out when we are able to confirm it.

There is also the cost of renting an instrument, which varies depending on whether you rent an instrument through the CBE or privately. For information on renting through the school, click here. For information on private rental, click here.

There will be fundraising opportunities to offset the costs of trips or program fees. For more information on fundraising, please go to the fundraising tab on the main page of the blog or click here.

Students will occasionally have early morning band practices, which is part of the expectation of being in grade 8 band and is not optional.  Attendance at early morning band and at concerts and festivals form part of their mark.  Students will always be told when morning rehearsals are.

More information will be given out at the band parent meeting in the fall. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Smith at