Grade 8 Band

Grade 8 band will look a little different this year at SWS! Most of the time, students in grade 8 have played their instruments for at least one full year. However, this year’s grade 8 band is more like a beginner band as most of the students have not played for at least a year and a half, and many had only a few months of playing before that.

In a typical year, grade 8’s would perform at the spring and winter concerts, work with clinicans, and attend a band camp or trip. We are still waiting to see what is allowed this year, but are determined to provide as many enrichment experiences as possible for the band students. Stay tuned for more information!

Students can rent an instrument from the school or from a music store like Long & McQuade or St. John’s music. For more information on instrument rental, please see the “instrument rental” tab in the blog.

For all performances, students will be expected to wear the SWS Band Uniform shirt, black pants/skirt, black socks/tights, and black shoes.

There may be fundraising opportunities to offset the costs of trips or program fees. For more information on fundraising, please go to the fundraising tab on the main page of the blog or click here.

More information will be given out at the band parent meeting in the fall. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Smith at