Grade 6 Band

Welcome to grade 6 band at SWS!  Band is a rewarding and fun way to explore music and develop new skills and talents.  It is also the best kind of hard work, where students can see and hear their progress while they create music by themselves and with the whole band. 

Band is only one semester in grade 6.  Students choose one instrument and play it for half of the year.  Throughout those 5 months, students are able to work with clinicians and perform at either the winter or spring concert. There is a Band Activity Fee of $50 for Grade 6 band, which covers the cost of clinic day and supplies that they need in class. There is also an instrument rental fee of $50. If you have not rented an instrument, please fill out the instrument rental form here.

If students would like to fundraise to offset their costs, we have a grocery card fundraiser that we run throughout the year. For more information on fundraising, click here.

Concert uniforms for Grade 6 band are any plain white top (no large logos please), black pants or skirts, black socks or tights, and black shoes.  Attendance at the concert is mandatory, as are appropriate concert uniforms.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Smith at